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In the Optical department, we always use the best eyewear suited for the patients.

Our products include the following brands of frames and contact lenses:
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Sun and Sports eyewear

We carry an extensive collection of sun and sports eyewear, with many designers to choose from. Each pair of glasses will be customized to fit your lifestyle. We offer polarization, transition lenses or tinting. Polarized lenses help to reduce damage to the retina by filtering harmful UV rays. Transitions lenses can act as both sunglasses and ophthalmic spectacles, while tinting provides a coat of shade.

Anti-Reflective Products

Metro Eyes offer optimum protection from glare, smudges, and scratches, giving you the clearest vision possible. Eliminating glare helps to resolve eye fatigue and headaches from computer use and nighttime driving. If you find yourself at a computer often, anti-reflective products may be the right eyewear for you.

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